Kathmandu Valley Tour

There are some cities in the world that can speak to you, that compels you to listen and feel, that can rejuvenate you with their vibrant cultures. Kathmandu is one of those cities.

Listed in the world heritage list, Kathmandu valley tour boasts its vibrant cultures and traditions that is reiterated to this day. And the weather of Kathmandu valley tour is very much impressive.

Kathmandu valley tour describes a marvelous architecture and meticulous craftsmanship is something that has been commended from time immemorial. The encounter of Buddhist stupas and Hindu temples in every block tells us that this was the place where seeds of Buddhism and Hinduism had spread extensively and have co-existed peacefully.

The grandeur of the great Malla palaces and temples in the Durbar Squares, the tranquillity in therealms of Boudhanath and Swayambhunath, all depict architectural greatness and sublime spirituality.

The incomparable arts and craftsmanship, idiosyncratic cultures and beliefs, the spirituality, the ancient relics and architecture, the scrumptious food is all that makes Kathmandu valley a place to be.

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