Paddy Plantation Festival (Ropai Jatra)

In a country where, love towards rice and lentils can be easily felt, looking at the food habit of Dal bhat (rice lentils) twice a day, Ropain Jatra (Paddy Plantation Festival) has a deeply rooted cultural and livelihood importance.

Among many of the celebrations in Nepalese culture, Paddy plantation( ropai jatra ) holds a major national importance. This festival is celebrated in more bigger and traditional way in rural parts of Nepal, where agriculture and cattle husbandry is still major occupation for self-sustaining and running household.

We encourage you to join this celebration of Ropai Jatra with local Nepalese families in a traditional way and know more about Agriculture in Nepal. It will allow you to enjoy the joy of planting, understand agricultural practices in rural Nepal, playing with mud and bringing back the child in you.

Paddy Plantation Festival in Nepal – Think Travel Lift Grow. Paddy plant and Paddy Cultivation is a popular festival in Nepal that is loved by everybody.

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Day 1: Trip commences from kathmandu

  • Breakfast + Morning ride to Charikot ( 6 hrs) + Lunch
  • Evening tour of village and observing field preparation for paddy plantation
  • Dinner


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Day 2:

  • Breakfast
  • Joining paddy plantation program
  • Lunch and rest
  • Evening Barbeque


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Day 3:

  • Breakfast + walk to via a multicultural village residence to Charikot ( 1hr)
  • Drive to kathmandu


  • Breakfast + walk to via a multicultural village residence to Charikot ( 1hr)
  • Trek to Kalinchowk ( 5hrs)
  • Transfer to Hotel
  • Evening sight-seeing tour of kalinchowk
  • Dinner


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Day 4:

  • Trek to Charikot ( 5hr)
  • Lunch
  • Drive to Kathmandu




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